Friday, October 9, 2015


This was the day that we walked to the end of the earth as it was known when they thought the earth was flat.  Now it's the official end of the Camino  as a mile marker showing 0.00 km stands at the lighthouse.

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for our walk to the lighthouse at Cabo Fisterra as it is sometimes spelled.  It was 2.2 km from the village each way...about three miles round trip.  Uphill going and downhill home.  Sharp drop on one side and busy road with a barrier on the other side.  Along the way we found our young German friend who I'd introduced Jim to on our first day.  He had lots of time and has also gone slowly.  He walked from Santiago to Finisterre in three days.  We walked both ways to the lighthouse together. 

When we reached the lighthouse we both used our poles and climbed down the steep rocks for photos.  Coming home Jim purchased a small mile marker for the curio cabinet.  We also got stamps for Finisterre in our books.  Found a bagpipe player and did a short video.

Walked back into town and found a grocery store for snacks and lunch.  Once back at the hotel...FYI...we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast before leaving this morning....we ate lunch saving half for tomorrow.

Jim decided to rest and I decided to see if I could find the road to the beach.   It was easy...less than half a block and I found a nice path leading down so I tried it.  In half a mile I was on a beautiful and nearly empty beach.

Waded in the Atlantic Ocean for a while and then headed back up the hill.  When I arrived back at the hotel we decided to take the rest of our food to the beach at 6 pm and watch the sunset. 

We were at the beach until the sun went down.  Enjoyed the water and eating our dinner of bananas, french bread, sausage, potato chips and red wine.  Dessert was a large bar of chocolate that we shared.  A fun evening:  "a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou"....Omar Khyyam...per Jim

Due to a storm coming in at midnight, the spectacular sunset of last night didn't happen but it was colorful and made a nice ending for our stay in Finisterre before we walked back up the hill to our hotel.  Tomorrow we take the bus back to Santiago.

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Leslie in Oregon said...

What a finish to your camino walk...what a day, period!! You and Jim really know how to make the most of life, and you well deserve every moment of joy that you experience! I have been tempted to keep all of your camino posts, and I certainly will keep and often re-read this one. Congratulations and Bravo, Leslie