Friday, October 16, 2015


Yes, it's cold outside and we've had some over overcast days.  But the crispness is causing the leaves to change colors and become crunchy under your feet as you walk with your hands deep in your pockets for warmth.  Ocassionally you see a tourist in shorts with goosebumps from the cold, but for the most part the winter coats are out of the closets.  I'm loving my purple hood on my fleese jacket under my windbreaker and my gloves that Jim brought with him from home for me.

On Thursday, yesterday, we enjoyed a day off, the first for Jim since he arrived in Spain.  He's not used to my go, go, go pace.

He napped off and on all day.  I took the laundry across the street to the laundromat and we now have all clean clothes for the rest of our trip. 

Soon I was bored again and walked the three blocks to the grocery store and purchased what we'll need for the final four days.  On Monday we will be leaving our little nest and return to the CDG Airport for the final night.  Jim has an early morning flight and I leave just after noon on Tuesday.

We talked about going to the Lido to see the new American movie "Everest" that is in English with French subtitles.  We learned several years ago to look for "VO"  movies (version original) on long trips when we wanted to have a touch of home.  But stayed in the apartment all day to rest Mr. Jim's weary bones.

About six o'clock we dressed as well as we could...I only have camino clothes with me...Jim had a pair of regular pants and shirt with him but only his tennis shoes.   It was no longer sprinkling so with several layers of clothes and gloves we ventured to the Metro at seven o'clock to meet Debbie and her french friend for an eight o'clock dinner at a little hole in the wall restaurant in Montmartre.   It was called Le Potager du Pere Thierry at 16 rue des Trois Freres.  Fabulous dinner and reasonably priced.  Jim had his favorite duck and I enjoyed my dinner also.  And we enjoyed getting to know Debbie' friend.  The restaurant only has about thirty seats or less so go right at eight o'clock when they open if you are in Paris.

It was nearly ten o'clock when we all headed back to the Metro for our short trip home.  Jim doesn't eat late very well and asked for a "doggy bag" .... very shocking to the French. .it just isn't done.  But the waitress spoke English and understood it was a problem with the stomach and lateness of the hour for the "old" man and wrapped his food in foil.  So he came home with a comfortable stomach and delicious food to reheat in the microwave today. 

And so ended another wonderful day in Paris.  Also...I have finally connected on Facebook with one of my most faithful readers who has missed all the photos that are normally included in my blogs.  So good to find you Leslie from Oregon.
Au revoir

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