Thursday, October 8, 2015


Our walk started in fog at daybreak about 8 am.  The sun was coming up when we stopped for a second look at the Pope John Paul II statute at Monte Gozo and I got a wonderful shot of the sunrise.

We walked 4.4 miles today into Santiago which put me at 500.83 miles by my calculations using Map My Walk.  It took us about two and a half hours with photo stops and a short breakfast break. 

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We walked around the cathedral; I think the most emotional point was when I first saw the spires from a distance after entering the city...the reality grabbed me for a moment and then the excitement stepped forward and carried me about two inches above the ground the rest of the way to the cathedral. 

We went straight to the official pilgrim office and stood in line for about an hour to receive our official Compostela; a beautiful document on parchment paper to frame with our stamp books commerating our journey.

Then the quest to find our hotel for Saturday and Sunday began.  This is when we will go to mass and visit the city sites.   Finally opened Navigator on the phone and found it that way.  There we talked to the clerk at the desk to confirm that Jim's suitcase would be held there for two days until we returned.  A quick visit to the ATM and then a taxi ride to the bus terminal where we purchased round trip tickets to go to Finisterre.  This is a fishing village located at the most westerly tip of Spain on the Atlantic Ocean and for many years was considered "the end of the earth"...  as they thought the earth was flat.

Three hours later we arrived and found our hotel a kilometer up the hill with wonderful views of the water.  Tomorrow we plan to walk to the very tip where there is a lighthouse.  We hear it is only a few miles.  We'll let you know tomorrow.  Buen camino


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