Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I've just finished reading all of the wonderful comments...thank you one and all.  Typing with my thumbs is quite a job so it's good to know you're enjoying the journey.  More tomorrow but just wanted to thank all of you. 
Below is my entry on Wed Aug 19th:

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The language is a problem...I  can understand some french but very little spanish.  Many people do speak English so that helps but they will generally only do so when I approached them. But sign language helps and so far I've been able to get a bed and food every night.  Sometimes I miss sharing the joy of the camino but then someone comes along and I have a new friend.  Must admit it would be harder if I didn't have wonderful cell service with T-Mobile which allows me to be in almost constant contact with family.  It's truly amazing.

Last night was the biggest dorm I've ever slept in but with earplugs and a gentle sleeping pill I had one of my best nights sleep.  Everyone began to stir early and since I decided not to pay 3 euros for toast and juice.. I and most everyone was out the door in the dark but the street lights made it seem like daylight.  We had about a two mile walk to get out of the city.  The sun came up just as we entered the countryside.  It was lovely.  The next five hours was a gentle climb steadily upwards.  Many stopped at Cizur Menor for breakfast but I continued to walk eating my power bars from the store.  Soon I was seeing many of my new friends again as they.caught up with me.

Our jouney today was 7 miles of beautiful countrside.  We passed a field of sunflowers...they were getting old and their faces were hanging down.  I so wanted to go stand in the middle of them but the ditch between us made the decision .  When we reach Zariquiequi I stopped at Albergue San Andres and booked a bed and breakfast for 10 euros.  The pilgrims dinner will be an extra 10 euros including wine.  I used the washer and dryer for 5 Euros after my shower and now have clean hair and all clean clothes. 

One of the fun things was greeting several friends that I haven't seen for several days..the New Zealanders from Orisson, Thomas and Marianne from Viskarret and from Larrasoana the 4 french  ladies and several others. 

Tonight I'm in a room with eight bunks...mostly ladies...but I've not heard a word of English. Dinner should be interesting. ...all are napping right now and it's  3 30 pm. ..
That's it for now....thanks for tuning in and sharing my camino...buen camino


Unknown said...

Loving your blog, Martha. It's almost like we are along with you on your journey. Hope your good weather continues.

Is the walkway mostly paved outside the cities?

Leslie in Oregon said...

You've established a rhythm to your days, haven't you, without becoming rigid about it? And what you described today, seeing the dawn from the roadside, was a beautiful reward for those of you who were disciplined enough to be there then. It's wonderful that you have opened yourself to a simple, communal life on the road, which seems an essential part of pilgrimage. My admiration for you grows every day, Leslie