Friday, August 28, 2015


Tonight is going to be a unique experience.  I'm in a church run albergue that only takes donations.  You have to be a pilgrim and have been on the road for several days to stay. Our room is already full and the upstairs room is filling fast and its only 3 pm.  Our beds are two inch mats on the floor.  I have a Japanese family...parents and adult daughter next to me.  Mass is at 7 pm (optional) dinner at 8 pm and then a discussion time.  We have not been told what the dinner is as of yet.

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My day started at 7:30 am and after walking 9 miles I arrived in Granon at noon.   My new Zealanders friends were with me last night and waited in the plaza here to make sure I arrived before they went further on for several miles to another village.  They are such wonderful people. I hope I continue to see them along the camino.  My mileage count is now up to 158 miles.

Today's walk took me first to the town of Santo domingo where I stopped for breakfast and then made two visits, first to the Parador hotel in the plaza where Jim and I had stayed in 2004.  And then into the church to see the live rooster that lives inside of a cage in the church, he crows regularly so people remember he is there.  Has to do with a miracle many years ago. 

Then back on the long hot road for another couple of hours.   Many of the fields have recently been harvested and there are still some  fields of sunflowers. 
But there is basically no shade.  And it was a very warm day.  I think I'll get on the road by 6 tomorrow if possible.  I've got a long walk planned.  Buen camino


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Leslie in Oregon said...

You are a true pilgrim, Martha. I look forward to hearing more about the church-run albergue. Was it located in the church building? Were showers or laundry facilities available? I hope that the heat abates and that there is more shade on your route from now on. 158 miles...phenomenal! With every good wish, Leslie