Friday, August 21, 2015


Enjoyed dinner last night with the couple from Holland.  They are near Rotterdam and have ridden their bikes from there to st.jean pdp.  Lively couple who are camping whenever possible.  They will go to Santiago and then to the coast and south into Portugal before flying home.

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It was a good night even with 20 people in one room.  The church bells woke us up early and we were all out the door before sunrise which was good as it was a very HOT day with hardly any shade.  Plus there were a few steep climbs.  I ran out of water about 2 km before the next town and learned a good lesson to always carry extra water.  I missed the bar in one town where I'd planned to use the WC , so it was behind the olive tree for me.  Saw blackberries today and sunflowers along with vineyards.

I talked to two Americans. from Maryland broke her arm in Madrid but is still walking her Camino with a day pack and transporting her big pack.  The second American  woman was younger but walking slower because of many blister issues.  She is from the San Jose CA area.   She is in the same room with me tonight in la casa magica in Villatuerta.  She has a new blister today.  The 3 German ladies in our room are also suffering with blisters and they are having their packs carried.   they are all trying the salt and vinegar treatment recommended here.

I have decided to have my large pack  carried's a short day but very steep hill  and they're predicting rain .  Plus I need a day off from The backpack.

Today's journey was 11.96 miles making a total of 81.55 miles to date.  It took me 7 hours to complete including two stops.  When I went without water I consumed 1 bottle of juice and 1 whole bottle of water  plus purchased a second one to take with from the first vending machine I found.

When I arrived here it took me a while to find it and I was very tired.   Lots of people helped me b with directions.  So glad I was not going on to Estella as many were. 

This place...that I booked last night by telephone is wonderful.   12 euros but no bunk beds.  And a real dinner for 13 euros.  Very nice and she helped me book a room for tomorrow in Azqueta which is 1.9 km short of my scheduled place but that's okay.   I have to have a booking to have my bag transported

Thanks for checking in today...buen camino


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