Sunday, August 16, 2015


This is late as the previous post did not send..probably because of photos.

A link to the photos for this day in Picasa:

On the first day of walking I waited until 10 o'clock for my walking partner to arrive.  Her name is Monika and she is from Sweden.... but Hungarian heritage.  Much younger than me but because of tendinitis need to walk slowly for the first few days.  We connected on the Santiago forum.

This was a short five miles but about 12% grade so it took us about four hours.  Very pastoral countryside with great Vistas along the Way.  We got rain...light..part way up but the clouds stayed low and the views were spectacular when we arrived.  I really enjoy Monika but know we'll probably only walk together the first couple of days.  Buen Camino

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Leslie in Oregon said...

What an interesting hiking partner to start with! Does Monika speak both Swedish and Hungarian, as well as English? How is the weather? Was the rain light enough to give you a refreshing break from the heat? Thank you for the reports, Martha. What you are doing is amazing and fascinating!