Sunday, August 16, 2015


Finding good wifi is very difficult so sending photos is very hard.  I've decided to just journal and add special blogs with photos from multiple days when I find strong wifi.  I'm lucky that texting is fabulous 99 % of the time and map my walk has been working well.

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Our second day began with clear skies and beautiful pastoral scenes as we continued our camino. They say that these two days will be the toughest of the entire camino!

Far below we could see the clouds....they were slowly moving up the hill.  Those that started out later had rain on their way up.  We still had beautiful weather most of the day.   There was a food cart on one hilltop and we purchased hard cheese and fruit to eat for lunch along the way.  We are surrounded by free roaming cows, horses, goats and sheep.  It's very green everywhere and the animals are natural lawnmowers.

The huge statue of the Virgin Mary on the crest of one hill is beautiful.  Many other memorials dot the landscape alone the way.  Some are for people who have died on the camino.  Others are commerating ancient events. 

We passed the French / Spanish  boarder.  There is a large fountain and a grill (to contain the animals)...that you walk the only sign that you have crossed into another country. Within a few miles we found a structure for people who need help....for most of us it was where we stopped to use the wifi!

From that point on the descent became very steep.  And, the rain finally caught us.  It poured and the muds got deeper and deeper and extremely slippery.  We did fine until the very end when I landed on my tush twice.  Only my pride got hurt but I was definitely a muddy mess when we arrived.  I literally took my poncho and pack raincover into the shower with me.

We stayed at a huge albergue in Roncevalles and (God bless them) they had a laundry service and for pennies did all of our laundry for us.  We had four bunks to a cubical ... very new .. I had 3 men...Two snored....and a man on the other side of of the very thin wall also snored so it was definitely an ear plug night.

But I'm getting ahead of myself....prior to dinner I went to the church for was standing room only...and at the end of the service all of the pilgrims were invited to the front and a special blessing was said for our safe journey.

I'll  close this now and walk over to the local bar to see it I can send it using there wifi....buen Camino.

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Leslie in Oregon said...

I'm reading the posts that appeared in my mailbox today in the order they arrived, which was not chronological, so pardon the fact that my comments are not being written in chronological order. What a treat, though, to open my emailbox this afternoon and find multiple posts from Martha! I'm sorry that the torrential rain came at the same time as the steep terrain and so glad that muddy clothing and two tush landings were the worst results for you. (I trust and hope that your not mentioning any injury from those landings means that you did not get hurt!) It must be quite a change to be in country that gets rain, and is verdant, after living in the West Coast drought. Enjoy all that green!!! How wonderful that your accommodation has laundry service (and that you have ear plugs) and that the church gave you a special blessing! Back to you with every good wish, Martha.