Sunday, August 2, 2015


Well this begins my last week of training.  I had a really good week with 54 miles all with my full pack except for the last day which was my longest day:  14 miles.
Starting with last Sunday of 2 miles around the lake in the sun, Monday was 7.59 miles, Tuesday 6.71 miles, Wednesday 8.02 miles, Thursday 8.35 miles, and Friday 6.95 miles.

I've nearly worn the top of my pack out with constantly repacking.  Jim is getting excited and walking more miles every day.  I have made contact with a couple from Phoenix who will be meeting me in Pamplona and we will spend the first night together in a small Pension and travel together to the starting village in France.  I'll spend the night there to deal with possible jet lag and since they have two days in Barcelona to recover they will immediately head up the mountain . 
I have my twin sister Mary to thank for the connection, she found them on a website called trails.  It's going to be a good beginning.

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Leslie in Oregon said...

Martha, you are amazing! I am having a hard time just functioning in the unusually high heat we've had here since May 1, and here you are, hiking miles each day with a full backpack in, I imagine, similar heat. You certainly have put yourself in peak condition to relish your upcoming pilgrimage!

As a former crew member on long-haul international flights, I hope you will consider the one single factor that we found most important in recovering from long flight and time-zone changes: replacing the liquids you lose while flying in a near-zero-humidity environment by drinking as much non-caffeinated, non-carbonated, non-alcoholic liquids as you can during and for at least 24 hours after your flight/s. This means 8-12 oz. every half hour, to the extent that is possible. On our layovers abroad, we used to set our alarms to awaken us several times during the night so that we could drink a tall glass of water.

You are going to have such a wonderful time!! Blue skies, Leslie