Thursday, August 13, 2015


Enjoying a day in St Jean before I start tomorrow.  Purchased new poles and have been practicing with them as I explore this lovely and very old town.
I'm meeting lots of people.  Just swapped stories with 3 young men from Germany and another one from Isreal.   I broke into their conversation with the comment that I'd been to all of their cities....soon they were all asking me queations.  Actually the intro entrance was when they asked the Jewish boy why he is walking the camino....he stumbled and I said...actually only about 40% walk for religious reasons.
I spent the morning and ate lunch with Sharon from Tasmania who I discovered is also staying at the same house as I am tonight.  Buen camino


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Leslie in Oregon said...

As much as I love to travel with my husband, I'm always amazed, and gratified, by how many wonderful people I meet when I am traveling by myself. I'm not surprised that you are finding the same thing happening. How are you doing with the 9-hour time change and any other aspect of jet lag? You look completely recovered...amazing!!! Best wishes on your start tomorrow, Leslie