Sunday, August 30, 2015


Beautiful Sunday walk today.  Only did about eight miles and arrived in Villa franca de Montes de Oca before 11 am.  Lovely and very old building, formerly a Hospice when there were bandits who robbed the pilgrims.  Now totally restored and is a beautiful hotel much like the Parador hotels.   The owner has traveled the camino and the hostel attached to the hotel fulfills his wish to give something  back.    Dinner tonight will be in the hotel but with a pilgrims price.  There are 18 beds in the room I'm in.  five euros per bed.

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Today was a beautiful walk with shade trees and clouds in the sky that shielded the sun so that it wasn't so burning hot.  There were more sunflower fields today and they are busy preparing the fields for another planting soon.

Kept thinking we'd get rain....but only a few sprinkles.  I'm enjoying my Sunday afternoon...even took a short nap.  Tomorrow is a 10 mile walk with no towns in between. ..
Buen camino


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