Saturday, August 22, 2015


Dinner last night was wonderful, beautiful presentation....I think they had a chef in the kitchen.  4 courses. .. the main dish was piayia but vegetarian. .. totally unexpected but delicious.  We didn't sit down until 8 pm so it was a late night.

This morning I left my backpack at the hotel when I left at 7 am...for 7 euros it will magically appear at the end of my day at a prearranged albergue .

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It was a lonely walk but so easy...didn't see a soul until I arrived in Estella an hour later.  Had one spooky thing ... as I was approaching a factory there was a red light flashing and a loud siren blaring.  Not a soul in sight so after a short stop I quickly walked past.

When I entered Estella I saw the French couple who was at the table with the American and me for dinner last night.  We took photos for each other before they walked on.  I did have a new experience today...I actually walked pass over weight older man with a backpack. 

As I started up into the hills after leaving the city I notice a winery.  It was the one that has a treat for wine or water.  But I was too early and they had not turned on the tap for the wine so it was only photos and water.  The Italian pilgrim man kept trying to get some wine from the tap. 

So enjoyed my weekend walk and will do the same tomorrow.  I've decided to use the transport each weekend since I'm not planning on any days off.  At least that the plan today.

I reached Azqueta by 10 am and the albergue was not ready.  So I went to the bar and waited until noon.  When I went back they still were not ready but my backpack had arrived.  When I viewed the rooms I was very disappointed.  So I apologized, put my backpack on my back and walked the mile straight up the mountain to where I'd orginally planned to stay.  They had room and it's very nice.  I'm on the third floor in a 12 person room.  So far only 3 of and 2 germans.  The college girls speaks beautiful English.   And is very good to translate everything we say to the older woman.  But they speak German mostly.

There is a church right next door...not open but they ring the bells.  Beautiful wedding when I arrived. 

It was very overcast this morning and very muggy...but so far none of the predicted rain. Tonight's dinner will be the pilgrim meal for ten euros at the bar about a block away. 

What appears as a large rocky outcrop at the peak of the mountain ... We're just under it ... and from the town you can see that it's actually the ruins of a chateau that goes back to the first century.

I'm enjoying the afternoon and the forever views out our window.  Showered, laundry done and blogs finished.  And the owner helped me reserve tomorrow so my bag is all set to go to Sansol..a village outside of Torro del Rio.  That's about 7 km passed Los big city that I will walk through tomorrow.  I plan to be in Logrono on Monday night.

Today I walked 8.77 miles in 4.5 hours.  My total miles to date is 90.32 miles. Tomorrow I will pass the 100 mile mark.

Thanks for joining my journey. 
Buen Camino

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