Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Have defiantly decided to stop trying to post photos on this blog...but am putting many on Facebook and one a day on instagram.  It was a shorter walk than I expected.  Probably because it was less hilly.  The last few miles was through a large city...the route was well marked.  

Now that I'm home...I'm adding my photos....here is the Link to Picasa Web Album:

I arrived at the albergue before 1 pm and by 4 pm they were full for the night. ..all 140 beds.  But the price is right at 8 euros for a bed..including clean sheet and pillow case...no blanket so you need one or a sleeping bag.  Bathrooms and showers are unisex....
For 3 euros you can get coffee and a piece of bread in the morning but I'll wait and get something on the trail.

Last night was shall we say interesting.  I seem to be the only English speaker.  At dinner. ..a very good one for 10 euro...including wine and dessert.  I sat with Rolf from Germany who only spoke his language and 4 french women...friends doing a week every year together.   One spoke German and English so we kept her pretty busy.  Two others spoke limited English. ..so it was pretty quiet.  My roommates were two young Romanian girls who spoke good English but preferred to talk with the young Italian who is above my bed tonight. ..too funny. And he speaks beautiful English.    I discovered on the trail today that the German also speaks limited English.  His son works in washington DC  and he and his wife will be visiting him this fall.

Bottom line after two quiet day...I had lots of opportunities today to talk to many people. 
Buen Camino

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Emmabee said...

I have been wondering how the "language barrier" was working out. I am loving the pictures on FB, so not seeing them here is not a big deal. Take care Martha!! I look two or three times every day just to make sure I haven't missed anything.