Thursday, August 20, 2015


Walkways are more dirt and gravel and sometimes very large stones.  Sometimes near villages they have paved them because they use them for their own use I think.  Overall not bad but the downhill today would have been a dangerous one in the rain.  15% grade  (my guess) and many large stones and ruts.  It took me 2 hours to do those first 2 miles....up and then the long downhill.   Love my walking sticks for added balance....but I still walked very slowly.   And you know me...I stopped frequently for photos.  I was alone most of the day but frequently people passed me.  I took one lady's photo .and then she took mine near the top of the mountain.  Loved the sunflowers but they are defiantly going to seed.  This was right after I watched the sun rise.  Turned into a very warm day.

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Near the top I was right under the big wind machines and could hear and feel their energy.  And that's also where I found the wrought iron figures of the ancient pilgrims...Glad the wild wind wasn't blowing today.

Once I reached the bottom of the hill I found myself in farmland.  Saw my first  Vinyard and picked a grape...rather sower.  Many field with corn six feet tall or more....made me think of Indiana.

I walked through three small villages today...stopping to visit in the two churches that were open.  Along the way I met an English couple walking with their two daughters, probably 10 and 12 years old.  I also saw another woman camping with children and a donkey .

My pack was getting heavy so I stopped a couple of times to rest on park benches in the villages.  One enterprising boy had a lemonade stand with chairs to sit on in his open garage. 

I reached my goal today  arriving at  1:30 pm. ..Puente La Reina.  8.84 miles by my Map my Walk ....6 hours.  The first albergue was already full  but she called another one and they had room.  Very clean and new...20 people in the room but I'm up against a wall on a bottom  bunk.

Showered and settled in then walked to the beautiful church and then to the ancient bridge that we'll walk across tomorrow as we leave town.  I wanted to get some photos in the sunlight .

I do have some English tonight...a couple from Holland who are riding bicycles and camping.  But decided to stay in an albergue tonight.

I have to wait until 7pm for my pilgrim's meal...okay as the price is great.  10 euro for the bed and 10 euro for dinner including wine. Then it's off to bed. Buen Camino


Jenny said...

Martha, congratulations on your adventure. I am forever in love with the Camino Frances, as I met my husband Mark in 2013 whilst on this pilgrimage. Have enjoyed reading your updates and reflecting. I don't know you, but I am proud of you - what a strong woman are. Buen Camino!

Leslie in Oregon said...

What an amazing journey, Martha. And I say that without really knowing much about the religious/spiritual aspect of it. If and when you feel so inclined, could you tell us a bit about the religious/spiritual purpose of a "pilgrimage" and the religious/spiritual significance of this route (the Way of St. James)? My only previous encounter with a pilgrimage was when I was a crew member on a 747 charter carrying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca. Unfortunately, I could not speak with them, as we had no common language, but I was impressed by the obvious importance of the journey to those passengers.