Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Last night was very special.  The man from Holland invited several of us to join him for dinner at the bar near the church that serves the pilgrims dinner.

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Afterwards we all walked to the church for the 8 pm mass.  It was in the chapel and at the end we were all invited up to the altar and the priest first spoke to each of us to find out where we were from.  Then we were individually blessed with holy water and then he individually laid hand and prayed over each of us.  It was totally unexpected and made me think that God had a plan when he had me stop in Viana.

Have arrived in Navarrete this afternoon .  I'm at Albergue El Cantato....very nice and my backpack was here when I arrived about 2 pm after a 7 hour walk of 16 miles.  That makes 127 to date.

I left about 7 am and had company most of the day between two couples in our albergue last night.  One from Ohio....but spent the most time with an.english couple.  We're doing dinner and then 8 pm mass together tonight.  Unfortunately tomorrow is their last day...they are doing segments. 

A lot of the Walk today was on very nice paths with shade here and there.  The tough part was at the end of our hike but through vineyards as we climbed towards Navarrete when I am spending the night.

Today we saw many vinyards as we are in the wine region.  I tasted the blackberries...they are small and tart.  I saw the first stork nest on top of a power pole...we will be seeing lots of them as we go east.

The city of Lograno  was very large. .stopped for breakfast and to visit the cathedral. ...and then got lost but asked enough questions and found my way.

A good day over all...
Buen camimo



Leslie in Oregon said...

What a wonderful evening in Viano! It sounds like it was just what you needed. And then 16 miles in 7 hours by 2 pm today, making a total of 127 miles walked on your pilgrimage...what an accomplishment!! I have no doubt, Martha, that because of who you are and the way you share yourself with others, that you will find kindred spirits reaching out to you throughout the pilgrimage! Thank you for posting about your journey every day. Your post is the first thing I read every morning, and it always leaves me resolved to be better. Appreciatively, Leslie

Jenny said...

I am thoroughly enjoying re-living my camino through you. You are doing fabulously! The storks were such a delight. Enjoy every moment. I had wondered if the weather would be cooler as you head west. Our camino was definitely hot! Buen Camino!