Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The dinner last night was a communal type with the entire albergue at a huge table. We each had a bowl, soup spoon , knife, fork and glass.  The wine and water bottles kept arriving along with the bread.  Soup in large quantities appeared all along the table.  When we'd eaten our fill the large platters of potatoes and tender beef appeared, we used our soup bowl for our plate.  Dessert was a slice of lemon torte covered in powdered sugar that we ate using our hands. A wonderful dinner with outstanding table conversation.

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Remember the couple pulling their things on a single wheel cart outside of Leon.  They sat across from me and I asked if they had the single wheeled cart?   They looked puzzled and then said yes but it had broken on the trails and now they are each carrying a backpack.  I said I'd posted a photo on facebook.  I found it for them and am sending them a copy on their email. 

And also across from me were two ladies from Indianapolis and Greenwood Indiana.... 40 miles north of my birthplace.  So we shared stories of living in Indiana.  Leaving for the walk back we found a changed weather pattern which produced a spectacular evening sky.

This morning came early and I left about 8 am in the early morning light and fog that quickly surrounded you as the pilgrims began the descent in light mist as we moved lower and into the fog layer.

We eventually passed below on our twisting country road that slowly but surely took us lower and lower into the valley below.  I  descended two thousand  feet over the next four and a half hours.  I made two stops at villages for toilet, food to pay for the toilet and a rest in the process.  The ladies from Indiana were at the first stop so we had another chance to visit.  My total milage for the day was 6.82 miles. 

More on the home countries of pilgrims I've met:  England, Ireland, Scotland,  Poland and I'm sure a few more.  It would probably be easier to list who isn't represented on this trail.  I'm meeting more and more Americans.   My first were from Arizona, Georgia, Ohio,  Vermont, Iowa,  California,  Illinois,  Indiana,  Florida,  Texas, Nevada and so many more.  We are well represented.  The couple from Poland  today wanted to know why and how Americans know about this walking trail in Spain? 

Walking this morning I saw a man with braces on both knees walking very fast and carrying his walking poles.  Again, it is the foolish who have injuries.  I also saw more chestnuts in their green spiky balls and walnuts inside their smooth green balls.  Both grow on trees in Spain.

Tonight I'm in the small town of Triacastela, so named because centuries ago there were three castles.  All that remains today is there images carved on the bell tower of the town church.

I've met some American ladies here from Northern California and I invited myself to eat dinner with them tonight.  Jim is flying to Madrid today so keep him in your prayers.

 Buen camino


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