Friday, September 18, 2015


I've been asked about the size of the villages.  Ruitelan, where I am tonight has albergues and a bar.  No stores, no grocery store, no exists solely for housing the pilgrims.  Without the Camino most of these villages would disappear.   From here to Sarria I think most them will be like this one.

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I ate dinner last night with a man from the Netherlands, so glad I'm not married to him.  But it made me appreciate Jim much more.  He has really been great while I've been gone and I'm glad I'll see him in another week.

Today was a slow walk of 6.28 miles in three and a half hours.  One stop to warm my fingers which were frozen, have a glass of hot tea and a croissant.   It warmed up by the time I left.  Our day was along the country road with a concrete barrier for half of it.  The Rio Valcarce river ran along side the road for the last two day...Beautiful sounds even when I couldn't see it.  Saw cows and horses and vineyards.  Found some walnuts on the road.

The altitude here is about 2350 ft.  Have slowly gone up.  Tomorrow I will really be climbing...half way up to 4362 feet which is the top I will go over on Sunday.

But again tomorrow I'm walking just under five miles but it will be a very steep path.  Weather is suppose to be really great for the next few days. 

Buen Camino 


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silvrboxtr said...

As I appreciate you, sweetheart; looking forward to next Friday.