Saturday, September 19, 2015


Have arrived for the night in Laguna de Castillo at a lovely new albergue and only nine euros for a bed. We are just below the summit of O'Cebreiro at 3777 ft.  It was just under five miles and took me four hours at a slow steady pace.  The trail was very rocky in places, glad I had my walking poles..they kept me from a nasty tumble once.  I started at 2350 ft this morning and dropped down to 2152 ft before starting the climb.

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About that time I met a lovely Canadian woman who has done the Camino many times and gives talks about the journey and especially the spiritual aspects of it.  She has her first client with her on this trip as she is beginning  a new tour business as a guide on the camino.

Enjoyed our walk together to LaFaba where I stopped for a break and she continued on as they were doing the mountain in one day.

Last night was a great experience.  First of all I once again met Mois  (sorry, not sure of the spelling).  I've seen him about every two weeks throughout this journey. He's from the San Joaquin Valley in California.  He seemed so much happier this time. He finally decided to have his pack transported ocassionally, and he's beginning to plan his trip for after Santiago.  Looks like he may do a tour bus from London to Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Nice fellow and good to see him again.  The dinner was wonderful,  we had a french couple, two germans, a Swedish lady and me.  Soup, salad, spaggetti and dessert..all served with a smile.   We were awakened this morning by classical music.  A nice place except bad wifi.

Since arriving I have done my laundry and enjoyed watching the exhusted pilgrims arriving who race up the hill.  We had a herd of cattle walk past us.  Four pilgrims  on horses....they advertise that as an option for those that don't want to walk in the altitude.

The views this morning were breathtaking...think sound of music...but the camera didn't do them justice.  The early morning was actually cold enough that I  tried wearing socks on my hands...didn't work very well. But soon the sun came over the hill and it was too warm as we quickly shed jackets.  Another beautiful day in Spain. 
Buen camino


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