Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hard to believe that Jim will be here with me in only twenty more days.  Today is my last day of walking with my current camino angel Katia.  She has been a wonderful companion for the past three days.  But she has to finish her camino journey  by September 25th and must start walking more miles each day than I am comfortable doing.  She's been like a  daughter to me.

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We left at 6:15 am in the dark for our long day. We arrived nearly seven hours and 16.86 miles later in the town of Carrion de Las Condos.  It was level walking on trails bordering a river, a canal and sometimes roads but rarely on a road itself.
In Villalacazar de Sirga we visited one of the main churches of the Knights Templar, the Santa Maria la Blanca XIII..

It was hotter as the day progressed...still clouds but not as many as yeaterday .  But we survived and are looking forward to tonight when we will have a guitar concert at 7:30 pm, mass at 8 pm followed by singing by the nuns.  At 9 pm they will serve a supper of soup before bed.   Buen camino



Leslie in Oregon said...

16.86 miles and 7 hours of walking on a hot and Katia are really something! I'm sorry that you have to bid adieu to Katia, but that is the way of the camino, isn't it? I hope that you two enjoyed the guitar concert, mass, singing by the nuns, and supper of soup. That sounds wonderfully ethereal to me!

Tomorrow, my husband and I, with our two dogs, are off to spend five days in a little cabin on the shores of Wallowa Lake, a glorious glacial lake at the northern edge of the Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon. It is a region that has been saved from rampant tourism and overdevelopment by its remote location (7 hours east of Portland by car). We try to spend 5-7 days there every year, when the lake is warm enough enough swim in. It is one of the clearest and purest lakes in the world, and I tend to spend 2-3 hours each day in it while we're there! As the cabin has no internet or email access (or cell phone coverage or television) I will have to put off reading your posts until Sunday, September 13, when we will have returned. I will be thinking of you, as we hike in the mountains during the days and walk under the stars in the evenings. Best wishes for an inspiring week, Leslie

Jenny said...

Sometimes we say goodbye to the people we meet on the camino; sometimes they return in our lives in the biggest, most wonderful ways. I met my husband whilst making this trek in 2013 - a citizen of the UK. God puts us where we are supposed to be, doesn't He? Martha, your strength is humbling. What stories you will have! Proud of you, and you are getting closer to Santiago with each and every step.