Monday, September 7, 2015


I'm with three wonderful ladies in a four bed dorm in a former benedictine monastery.   One from Holland, one from Italy and Kathleen who I walked all day with from Canada...we all speak English.  There is also Thomas who I see about once a week, a french lady my age, an English gentleman who is riding a bike in sixteen days, and Peter from Australia who was at the casa rural with us. Plus an assortment of other pilgrims.

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We are at the Monasterio de Santa Cruz in Sahagun.  It was a 14.66 mile walk for seven and half hours including four rest stops.  The weather was very warm today and we felt the hot sun on our backs.

A 7:30 am start, arriving at 3 pm.  Tomorrow should be shorter.  I'm still two days ahead of the schedule I set for myself.  Today was nice as we had several villages to walk through where we could stop to rest and take off our shoes.

I met Kathleen yesterday and we have enjoyed walking together.  Last night she broke her glasses during the night and in the morning we used duct tape for a temporary fix.  Tonight we found crazy glue and hopefully she can fix them until she gets home...she needs them for everything.

This afternoon I went to the museum on the hill in a former Franciscan monastery.  We also were presented with a beautiful certificate saying that we had reached the half way point on the camino.  A very good day.  Buen Camino 


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