Saturday, September 12, 2015


Well it's been an interesting day.  We slept in as the bus didn't arrive until 9:30 am.  Yes, we rode the bus along with a dozen other pilgrims to Astorga and then took a taxi to Rabanal. ..knocking 30 miles off of our journey. 

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One reason  was because this is the area when the American woman disappeared last March.  Well early this morning we learned that her body was discovered yesterday and the main suspect has confessed. Hundreds of police in the area.  Secondly, my walking partner is running out of time and needs to skip ahead so this worked.

We got off of the bus in astorga and discovered we needed to take a taxi for the second leg.  So we played tourist with our backpacks on and visited the cathedrale and then the Gaudio palace.  Had some lunch and at noon got a taxi to Rabanal.  There we got out at the church, made a visit and then started the 3.6 mile route up the mountain.  It took us two hours to reach the top on the very rocky path and it was full of flies that screamed at our face the entire way.

But the reward was the village of Foncebadon at the top.  Totally abandoned it is slowly being rebuilt and at the top near the  church we found a brand new year old....albergue La Cruz de Ferro that is very modern and wonderful.

Have done our wash and showered.  Now gathered in the common Room near the stove to do our wifi.  Later we're walking into the village for dinner.  We have five Americans and a woman from Syria walking to thank God for her Christian faith. 

Weather wise very cold in morning and evening but hot in the afternoon.  Looked like rain this morning but cleared. 
Buen Camino


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