Tuesday, September 8, 2015


It was a short day..we left at 8 am after working on Kathleen glasses....she broke the bridge yesterday and we found crazy glue but it didn't work.  Have now used tape again on them.

Link to Picasa Web Album:  https://picasaweb.google.com/117895434014273629374/DayTwentySixOnTheCamino98?authuser=0&feat=directlink

The day was along a highway with light traffic...but on a gravel path separated from the road and lined with young plane trees that gave us good shade from the  hot sun.  We made three rest stops along the way and arrived five and a half hours later in the farming community of El Burgo Ranero...11.03 miles making a total of 292.78 miles to date.  Breakfast this morning in the monastery was interesting ..6:30 to 7 am.  Silence because the nuns were still sleeping after being up during the night praying.  Coffee or tea...one cup only and 2 small muffins in a package.  But it got us started for the day.

Once on the road we enjoyed our walk and saw along the way a seventeenth century church, a Vineyard with the grape vines like bushes with no support system.  Several fields with scarecrows and we think a huge field of aspergus.

We didn't see as many pilgrims today but there was usually a few in front and back but far enough away to find it comforting to be walking with Kathleen .  I know in a few days she will have to leave me as she has to be on Madrid for her flight home by September 25th. 

But the camino continues to provide me new friends to walk with but must admit Katia and Kathleen have been extra special camino angels because they are both able to converse with the Spanish people.  Katia is now miles ahead of me.

Our stop for the night is a small farming community and we are sitting at the local bar with farmers as they now are playing cards. One is hard of hearing and speaks very loudly.  But we have wifi for the price of a glass of wine so we quietly work on cell phones and ignore the voices. 

We will probably come back for dinner...we only have two choices of bar/restaurants and we'll have the 10 euro pilgrim's meal. 
Buen camino


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