Friday, September 4, 2015


Started out at day break about 7:15 am.  Lights were still on for wonderful photos.  I felt something was missing S we walked down the stone canyon between shuttered homes and suddenly I realize I didn't have my walking sticks.  I had to go back about four blocks to retrieve them before we finally left town.

The walk today across the Meseta included one rather long hill and then after walking the ridge it was a long steep downhill of 18% grade all with concrete.   We descended using our poles doing a zig sag pattern.  At the bottom there was a memorial of some killed on this descent ....probably on a bicycle... in 2014.

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Once off of the hill it was a long, flat and shade less journey for many hours.  We found fields of sunflowers ready for harvest.  Fields of corn ready for harvest and fields of stubble from the recently harvest hay that is now stacked high in the fields. 

We squeezed to the side of the road to let a huge herd of sheep complete with a donkey, dog and shepard pass us by.

The weather was wonderful, cold wind and warm sun with many clouds that shielded from the heat on our backs.  I wore my fleese jacket all day and most of the day my windbreaker on top of it.  I also wore my buff today for the first time..helped to tame my hair in the wind. It's a popular head covering on the camino.

We're staying in a wonderful Casa Rural "En El Camino" in the village of Boadilla del Camino.   But in the bunk room for 7 euro a bed.  And we just might have it to ourselves as Katia asked about how many because she is sensitive to snoring.  We had a late lunch as our early pilgrim dinner and I had lentils soup for the first time.  Delicious.  The second plate was pork the was so tender you could cut it with your fork plus a small salad.  Bread and a bottle of wine...wonderful meal. 

We're going to walk the town now...splurged and combined our laundry that they did for us so we're set for another day early tomorrow morning.  It going to be a longer walk but all on level roads.   Buen Camino


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