Thursday, September 24, 2015


This is my last solo day as tomorrow I will walk two miles into Sarria and met Jim when he arrives by bus from Madrid.  He's still enjoying the museums there today.

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Lori, who I met yesterday in Samos, needed to walk a long distance today and arrive in Morgade by three this afternoon.  Jim and I will slowly walk there by Saturday afternoon!  So I agreed to get up early and walk with her until we had daylight.  Actually, I was thrilled to be asked as she had to agree to walk my pace with me.  We agreed to leave by 7 am.  By 5:30 I was awake and getting ready and so was she so by 6:30 we were out the door. 

It was one of the darkest mornings I've stars or moon could be seen.  We were so glad we were together, especially when we went into the grave yard to get a better photo of the bell tower on the church which didn't come out after all.

We had a great time together for two hours and then she was off to walk much faster to make it up the mountain to Morgade.  I slowed down and enjoyed myself more as I walked the country road that led me to the outskirts of Sarria.  It was at least half an hour before I saw a pilgrim or any human on the road.  It was a lonely walk but enjoyed the variety of sounds in the forest.   I saw some  tiny baby calves that couldn't have been more than a week old. 

Chestnut trees were still full of spiky green balls and I found a few walnuts and one smooth green ball that was still whole with the walnut inside.

I finally arrived at a village that had an open bar and stopped after nearly seven miles.  Soon a couple from Oregon stopped and than another American.  I didn't realize it at the time but I was nearly at my albergue when I stopped.

I arrived very early at my albergue  Paloma y Lena in less than a mile.  It is in San Mamede, a farming community just two miles outside of Sarria.   I will walk there tomorrow and Jim will come by bus from Madrid.  It is one of the best albergues that I've stayed at.  Family run and A+ on condition and service.  

I had a cup of tea, chatted with two Russian girls who stopped for a cup of coffee, and then checked in before leaving for a walk to the outskirts of Sarria and back. ... adding three miles to my total.

I've talked to Jim using Whatsapp, washed my hair and laundry and now enjoying the afternoon.  FYI, in addition to having dinner with Lori we also enjoyed her walking partner from yesterday at our table.  He owns eight real estate offices in Canada, and Lori is in Marketing strategies so it was a lively dinner table.  He walks 30 to 40 km every day so was gone before six o'clock and will complete his camino within just a few days.  I loved that he has booked a room in the Parador hotel across from the cathedral in Santiago for his day there.  He'd be a tough act to follow as he never seems to stop.  But Lori and I both enjoyed getting to know him.  By the way, the food was outstanding. I had veal and you could cut it with your fork.  And, the restaurant is open all afternoon so we were able to eat at 5 pm and still attend the 7:30 pm mass at the monastery.  

It was a great day both yesterday and today.  Looking forward to seeing Jim tomorrow afternoon.  Tonight we have a vegetarian dinner here in the albergue.   It's full of pilgrims for the night so it will be a lively table with many different languages.    Buen camino


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