Saturday, September 8, 2018


It's a new journey today.... still in Spain but on a 10 hour bus trip to Madrid.
As we travel the interstate there are some large cities but mostly views of villages similar to those I've been walking thru for the past fifty five days.  So much so that I keep looking for pilgrims with backpacks on the tiny roads  bordering the fences.  We are traveling mostly downhill as we leave the gallic mountains of the north.  Occassionally a view of the ocean on our right as we wind down the path towards Madrid.  We stop about once an hour to add passessgers.  What started as a nearly empty bus is slowly filling.  Seats are assigned with your ticket. I chose mine months ago.  Right behind the rear exit door so no one sits directly in front of me.  I have a very quiet Spanish girl in the seat next to me.  There is wifi but my phone says it's not safe?  I have a Screen that offers movies, music, games, etc.   But, all in Spanish!  There a charger outlet that works which is really nice. Watching a movie  about circus de sol.  Still hours to go... we left Santiago at 9:45 am and expected arrival in Madrid is 7:30 PM.  It's only 11:15...seems like 3 pm. As we head south it's getting warmer. ....
It's been 3 hours now and we're heading towards the  center of Spain.  In the center of the square at the city hall in Madrid there is a marker that all distances are measured from in Spain. 
The center of their universe. Going to try to post this ...

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