Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Day 5 Scotland tour
Sheepdogs and the Highlands
It was an hours drive north to Leaults sheep farm where  the Shepard Neil put on a wonderful demonstration of how a team of Border collies control a herd of sheep.
He then showed us how to shear a sheep and then six of us took turn with the shearing siccors including yours truely. 
It was amazing and then we got to feed the sheep using large baby bottles before he brought out two tiny puppies for us to cuddle.
We had soft rain most of the day but managed to avoid using umbrellas.
As we drove into the Highlands our guide Helen taught us about the historic battlefield that we would visit today as we watched the leaves on the trees  creating artistic designs as they continue to change from green to gold and red; but the heather and bracken on the hills are dark brown as they've reached the end of their season. 
Our lunch was a delicious hot shepard's soup followed by homemade scottish scones.  Before leaving the restaurant the cook gave us a demonstration on making scones and shared her recipe.
Our last stop was at the battlefields of  Culloden where the fate of England and Scotland was determined in 1746.  Very reminiscent of the civil war fields at Gettysburg in the USA.
Dinner was on our own after we arrived at our hotel for the next two nights in Inverness.  We did fish n chips at the Castle Tavern around the corner.  We've got our third, first floor room!   Maybe because we're the oldest members of the tour?   We don't question why but just say thank you.

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