Saturday, September 8, 2018


My rainy day in Madrid.  Finally got to wear my giant yellow raincoat again. Only wore it once at the very beginning of my Camino.  But it was perfect today for tramping around in the rain in Madrid.
First I walked to the train station to find out about transportation to the airport tomorrow.  Have now decided to take a taxi.  But it was good to visit the train station that is full of historical events.  Then I walked to the Cathedral and the royal palace.  Walked through the church while the Bishop was giving a sermon. Place was packed with important looking people. Then viewed the palace from the outside... thought about standing in the very long line to see it again but instead walked back up Calle  Mayor to Puerta del Sol where the marker for measuring all distance in Spain is located.   Also saw the covered shopping side streets and the Tio Pepe sign.  Renewing good memories of past trips. to the airport early in the morning for my flight to Paris!

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