Monday, September 10, 2018


Monday in Paris with rain predicted has been  a beautiful day full of sunshine.  The travel day on Sunday was long, but uneventfull.  Saturday night in Madrid was LOUD!  It was a hot night so windows were open and the never ending party on the streets was still in full swing as the taxi took me at 6 am to the airport.
My flight arrived in Paris at CDG Airport T3 at noon and I waited until nearly 6 PM for Jim to arrive from the USA in T1.  But plans do work and soon we were headed by taxi to our hotel near Luxembourgh Park on the Left Bank.  Cute little 2 star hotel A/C but thankfully a tiny elevator as we are on the 5th floor with a view of Paris.
Today we navigated our way by Metro to our friends office near the Arch de Triomphe to pick up my suitcase that I left with them back in July.  I now have more than 2 shirts and 1 pair of pants! 
While there we visited a church we've never seen before.. still trying to figure it out.  Appears to be Roman catholic and possibly American?   But always fun to find new places to explore.  Arrived at our hotel and enjoyed Chinese food lunch around the corner.  So good to be in Paris for a week!

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