Monday, September 17, 2018


Day 8...last day in Paris
We enjoyed our morning after breakfast with a long walk.  But first I spent a couple of hours at the laundromat across the street.  Met some Australians who had just come from Scotland and are now heading for the south of France.  Rare that we don't meet interesting travelers in the laundromat!
Jim did some walking in the park and then we finished our six miles by walking to the Pantheon and down to the shopping street of Rue Mouffetard... think of Julia Childs.  Got lost several times and in doing so  visited the Roman arena of Lutece.  Amazing condition and is used today for local activities.  Yes, built by the Roman's in ancient times.
Arrived at the top of rue mouffetard ..
thanks to GPS .. and enjoyed the many delicious aromas emanating from the delightful shops as we strolled down the street.  Turned around at the church and walked back up to the area of the Pantheon and our hotel. 
Enjoyed another Chinese lunch with roasted duck this time.  The afternoon has been mostly resting for the journey north tomorrow.
See you in Scotland.

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