Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Day one in Scotland ...
Long day of travel from Paris to Glasgow .  Delayed planes and long taxi rides complicated by traffic.
One of the more interesting things occurred as I went through customs in Paris.

We don't have to have a Visa to visit many countries in Europe because of the Schengen Agreement.  This allows Americans to spent up to 90 days in the countries that are a part of the agreement during a six months period.  Oops... he asked me if I realized I had exceeded the 90 days.  I said no, I'd arrived on July 11th and had only been here  for about 70 days.  I really had not thought about it.
He pointed to my passport where I'd gone to Amsterdam in May for 24 days.  He said I was 2 days over my limit!  Wow!  But I was leaving the agreement area  as the UK is not part of the agreement.  He hemmed and hawed...  but finally stamped my book and let me proceed.  So... lesson learned... watch your dates when doing months of travel.
Love our new Airbnb apartment in the west end of Glasgow.  Walking distance to the museums we plan to visit in the next three days.  Very modern and all the amenities.  Plus many different restaurants and a grocery store across the street.  Good to be here.  Expecting some rain but the plus is everything is Green!

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