Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Day 53 and I'm enjoying the view of the Atlantic Ocean from finisterre,  also known as the end of the earth as in ancient times they thought the earth was flat and this was as far as they dared to go.
I walked nearly 9 miles this morning in under 5 hours.  The strong winds last night blew the rain clouds away and I walked in clear weather all the way.  But I did walk without my glasses as one of my lens fell out during the night.  That was spooky.  Also in those five hours I saw maybe twenty five people.  But had fabulous views all the way.
FYI...I did some research and the Spanish name for those corn cribs is "horreo" and it said they were granaries.   That should help some of you learn more about them.  I got a good photo of the glass door in one this morning.
Arrived to a beautiful new albergue with ocean views.  Will be here 2 nights.  Weather keeps predicting rain so washing my clothes today and tomorrow I will explore .  Jim and I came here in 2015 so its a revisit.  But town is bigger and so many people!
I was directed to a pharmacy that also offered optometry services and they put my lens back into the frame at no charge.  People are so nice.  Time to shop for dinner.  Buen Camino

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