Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Day three in Paris...why is it the older we get the shorter our touring day becomes.  It's not quite 4 PM and we're in for the day!
After a leisurely breakfast we board the bus that stops right outside our door and headed towards the Louvre Museum.  Jim and his cane moved right to the front of the line and I started my walk to the Eiffel Tower.
Along the way I visited Princess Diana's memorial by the people at the golden flame above the tunnel where her accident happened in 1997.   Still has a constant stream of visitors and new flowers.  Someone had put up a heart cutout with photos of Diana and one if each of her two oldest grandchildren. 
Stopped at the new Russian orthodox church ... very modern with gold topped towers.
And finally the Eiffel tower
...a disappointment as it is totally fenced in with very limited access.  But always nice to see the grand lady where I fell and broke my arm on our very first time in 1991.  Walked back on the left bank to the walking bridge.   Crossed over noting that the romantics are still attaching love locks to the bridge.   Found an exhusted Jim after three hours in the museum halls.  He was more than ready for the bus trip back to the hotel.
Another early dinner and we're enjoying a French movie on the television.
Thanks for continuing to tune in for the daily updates.

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