Thursday, September 6, 2018


Day day on Camino
Will continue to post most days in Paris and then Scotland.  So you'll have 3 more weeks...
Last night I went to the hippy restaurant with other pilgrims for drinks, entertainment and finally dinner.  Very good vegetarian, home cooked from the garden.
Also posted a photo of one of the best dressed and fully color coordinated pilgrim I've seen on the Camino. His poles, hat, socks and books all matched his clothes and backpack! Thought you'd enjoy.  And even though he'd just completed a long hike...neat as a pin!
Woke up very early this morning and walked with my backpack on... felt good... to the bus stop for the ride to Santiago with a pilgrim friend from Australia who is my daughters age.   We were the first ones so went across the street for coffee while we waited.  By the time we returned there was a bus full waiting but we all fit. It was the long but scenic route all along the beautiful coast for over two hours.
Arrived in Santiago and used the GPS on my phone to get us to our albergues with only about 30 minutes of walking.
Said our goodbyes, took a photo in front of the Cathedral to commemorate the return and checked in early enough to make the noon mass.  The botafumeiro did not swing to the disappointment of many with cameras ready. 
Back to the albergue with a burrito that I picked up at the nearby restaurant.   Split half for lunch and the rest for dinner.  Spent time sorting, purging and getting ready for our next adventure.  Buen Camino... soon to be au revoir

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