Saturday, September 15, 2018


Day 6 in Paris was dry and comfortable.  Today and tomorrow is the celebration  of the National Hertiage of France.  Nearly all museums are free and many public buildings are open to the public.  Thousands of people participate and the wait lines are long for the most popular events.
Jim and I chose two and did both of them.  We arrive early for the Ecole des Beaux Arts that opened at 11 am and were in the first group admitted.  The line was four times longer when we left.  This is an art school that has been attended by most of the most famous artists over the past 300 plus years.  Never open to the public; Jim was thrilled.
Our second building was my choice, the Senat is housed in the former Luxembourg Palace.  Built as the home of Marie de Medici and once a museum it is now full of guards as the government conducts much of its business here.  Rumor has it that the secret service is housed in the basement? 
So, we enter two hallowed halls today that we've never seen in the nearly twenty years we've been visiting Paris.  And...without our friends Nicole and Maeliss we probably would not have known about the special events.
Made it to the Chinese restaurant on the dot of 2:30 PM and were the last admitted for lunch.  Restaurants close from 2:30 to 7:30 PM.  Jim had his duck dish...a must do for him in Paris.  Visited the park to finally see the children sailing their boats in the fountain.  Must only be on weekends after school begins. 
Tonight is mass at st. Jacque down the street.  Tomorrow is a visit to Maisons-Laffitte, a village outside of Paris....
Only 2 more days left to enjoy Paris!

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