Monday, September 3, 2018


Day 51... Muxia
Taking another vacation day here on the edge of the continent.   I woke about 6 am after a good nights sleep.  Quietly I dressed and headed for the door along with half a dozen pilgrims who were catching the one and only bus to Santiago this morning at 7:30 am. 
It was still dark but enough daylight to walk without a flashlight as I made my way along the shore to the church at the far end of town.  My goal was to take a photo of the sunrise.  My problem was twofold.  First I was turned around and thought it might be hidden by the hills and secondly it was not scheduled until 8:04 am.  I did little walks but finally got antsy and headed back into town.  Watching both the hills and my watch I nearly missed the beautiful sunrise behind me as it rose over the water.  I hope you enjoy what I captured.  Not what I'd planned but even better .
Returned to the albergue that was still waking up.  Enjoyed my breakfast and then headed back to bed for a few more hours of restful sleep.
After lunch I could hear bagpipes playing in the port so walked over to catch the end.  They had a large group of dancers in costumes of native dress and the music was definitely Celtic.  A fun diversion in my relaxing day.

We have many  new pilgrims tonight so it probably won't be as quiet as it's been.  Very young and energetic. 
Tomorrow I leave for Lires which is half way to finisterre by taxi.  Will decide whether to walk the last 10 miles into finesterre on Tuesday tomorrow. A lot depends on the weather.  Some rain is predicted.  But the rest has been good and I've enjoyed my down time here.
Buen Camino

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