Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Day 4  Scotland Tour
Kenmore area
Skys were dark with rain  clouds this morning with only  spots here and there of sun.  Off and on soft rain throughout the day.  But managed without umbrellas.
We started the morning with a walk of about a mile around the end of the lake to visit the Crannogs Center.  They are prehistoric homes build over water.  We spent over an hour there learning about the construction, how they lived and tools they used.  Informative and fun.
The bus picked us up and we were off to the Hermitage where we walked another 2 miles through the forest among giant Douglas fir trees along a roaring river full of Rapids.  We reached the falls and enjoy another spectacular vista created for the wealthy to enjoy many years ago. 
Off to the village of Dunkeld to visit a medieval Cathedral    and enjoy lunch on our own.
The rain came a bit harder after lunch but we managed to stay dry and enjoy our stop at the Dewar's Whiskey Brewery in Aberfeldy, the home town of the actor Allan Cumnings, where we tasted a 12 year old brew and toured the facility.
Home to Kenmore and the oldest Scotland Inn, Established in 1572.  
Many of us spent the next hour walking out to see the Taymouth Castle.  It has a private golf course and it spectacular.  I heard a rumor that  Victoria and Albert spent their honeymoon in this castle  but our guide had not heard this... so need to do some research.   But a grand day it was that closed with a delicious dinner.  Tomorrow we move to another city.

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