Thursday, September 13, 2018


Day 4 in Paris and it rained lightly most of the morning and  throughout the day.  Not enough for an umbrella but it was definately a much cooler day.
While walking in the park we found an art exhibit of sculptures in iron displayed in the orangerie that is used in the winter months to store the palm and fruit trees that are moved outside in the summer months.
  This weekend many public buildings that are normally closed to the public will be open for Heritage Days and we're looking forward to visiting several of them, but most of all the Les Beaux Arts where three centuries of famous artists have studied.
Today we walked to the Pantheon where they had a large exhibit about Simone Veil, a French women politician who eventually became the president of the Europeon Union and as a young woman was in Bergen- Belson concentration camp during WW II.  Next door was the beautiful church of Saint Genevieve.  In the movie "Midnight in Paris" he waits on the church steps each night.  Always fun to visit that curvy little road.
We have figured how to get CNBC and CNN on the TV so that's been a real plus.
Late this afternoon we walked to the far end of our park to view the magnificent fountain that Jim remembers seeing in photos as a small child. There are human figures in the top surrounded by rearing horses that appear to be jumping off.  A very impressive piece of sculpture.
A good rainy day in Paris and we've figured out the bus route to go visit the Rue Cler area tomorrow.  Road closure for repairs created a changed route but we finally figured it out.  Persistance!

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