Sunday, September 16, 2018


Day 7...Sunday in Paris
Last Sunday I flew from Madrid and met Jim from California here at CDG airport. It's been a grand week with visiting friends and enjoying our favorite places in Paris.
Today we continued as we went to a village just outside of Paris, stopping along the way at La Defense for a photo of the most modern of the three Arches in Paris.
We enjoyed a beautiful lunch at the home of friends and then walked with them looking for bargains at their village flea market held once  a year on the weekend celebrating French Heritage .  One never knows when there might be an old painting from someone's attic that is worth millions!  It has actually happened in the past.
Back in the city we said goodbye to another American friend before collapsing at our hotel to enjoy the package of slivers of cheese sent home with us.
A fun day... tomorrow is laundry and packing along with another area to visit.

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