Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Day two in Paris.  So nice to start each day with a delicious French breakfast included in the cost of the room!
Another beautiful day weather wise and we enjoyed walking over a few blocks to Luxembourgh gardens where we watched the children playing, but no sailboats in the fountain today.  Only two tables of chess in progress but several very determined people getting suntanned.
We walked all the way around the palace of Catherine de Medeci who was married to HenryIV.  It is now a Museum but we could never find the entrance.  Jim stayed at the park for another hour while I went back to the hotel to work on organizing the suitcases so that my Camino backpack and equipment fits into the suitcases. 
Short naps when Jim returned and then we enjoyed an early dinner around the block at the Du Dim Sum restaurant. 
When the day cooled,  we put on our walking shoes and headed for Notre Dame, no lines so went inside.  Then over to the Ile St Louis where we stayed the first five times we visited Paris... lots of good memories.
Enjoyed the people sitting along the river and then walked home through the Sorbonne in the Latin Quarter to our hotel .  We love the vibrant life here in this quarter.  Bonsoir

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