Saturday, September 1, 2018


Day 50...  still in Muxia.  Slept in this morning and then put my walking shoes on and hit the trail without walking sticks.  I walked for a mile on the trail outside of town and then turned around and walked back and continued on the trail inside of town to the Camino Marker with milage at 00.00 km at the site of the 12th century church commemorating the miracle of the virgin appearing to st. James to help him in his ministry.  His body also washed up on these rocky shores and was here many years.  The first church was destroyed after it was struck by lightening and it was rebuilt. Also in this location is a miraculous stone that has produced healings per the legend. The tall cracked stone monument is called the lovers stone??  Couples come there to pledge their love the book says.  Also nearby is the lighthouse.  So I did all if the recommended things today and logged nearly 4 miles.   Will walk back to the church for 7 PM Mass and maybe some good sunset photos.
Last night a girl who works here at the Albergue drove me south to see the 3rd lighthouse that is between Muxia and Finesterre.   Also to see their favorite surfing beach and a fabulous sunset at 9:30 PM.  Another unexpected adventure.  Buen Camino

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